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 Monkey D. Luffy, or "Straw Hat Luffy"


 Luffy is captain of the STRAWHAT PIRATS, a group of pirates he assembles himself as he quests to find the "One Piece" and become the King of the Pirates. He is absolutely way too carefree which often leads to the peril of his nakama (friends) or even himself. His antics in the manga and his relationships with his crew make for one hell of an appealing character. And to top it off, he is way strong to boot.

 Eating the Gum-Gum Fruit gave his whole body the properties of rubber, which makes him virtually immune to attacks with blunt weapons or punches, unless they are excessively strong. Even bullets deflect off him harmlessly. The fruit also gave him the ability to stretch at will. Combined with the elasticity of his body, he uses that ability to accelerate parts or the whole of his body as if shot by a slingshot to deliver punches, kicks, headbutts, body checks, or simply for propulsion. But like everyone who consumed a Devil Fruit, Luffy is unable to swim and when drenched in sea-water quickly loses his strength.



 "Pirate Hunter" is a skilled swordsman who uses up to three swords at once, clutching the third in his mouth. To fulfill a promise he made to a childhood friend named Kuina, he wants to become the world's greatest swordsman. Before joining Luffy, he made a living by bounty hunting. He joins Luffy's crew in exchange for his aid in escaping execution. Over the duration of the series he becomes extremely strong, lifting and swinging what seems to be thousands of pounds. He is extremely poor at understanding geographical directions and gets lost very easily. He also sleeps a great deal and loves to drink.








Nami is the crew's 18-year-old navigator and the second to join. She has the ability to recognize and analyze even the slightest changes in the weather up to the point of sheer intuition. She is also an excellent pickpocket. Her dream is to draw a complete map of the world.

 Nami has fought with a total of three weapons over the series, the first being a regular Bo staff. The second one is a three part climate changer called the Climatact. This weapon allowed her to control different aspects of the climate, such as making thunder clouds and mirages. The third is a perfected and more powerful version called the Perfect Climatact. Usopp designed both Climatacts for her, the first during the Alabasta arc and the second during the Water 7 arc.





Usopp is the crew's 17-year-old and the third to join. He is a chronic liar and a talented inventor. Usopp's dream is to become a "brave warrior of the sea".

Usopp is a talented inventor, creating the Clima Tact for Nami and the dial-upgraded Perfect Clima Tact. Prior to Franky joining, he is the crew's acting carpenter and patches up the caravel Going Merry. Usopp has outstanding marksmanship abilities with his slingshot. He utilizes varied ammunition, including rotten eggs, hot sauce, pepper, shuriken and powerful explosives. Using his self-developed weapon, Kabuto, a slingshot connected to the end of a long staff, Usopp is even able to out range guns.

At one point, having disgraced himself in front of the Strawhat crew by challenging Luffy for the Going Merry, Usopp dawed a new costume and identity as Sogeking. It was at this point he wielded his new slingshot: The Great Pachinko, named Kabuto.  



Sanji is the crew's 19-year-old chef and the fourth to join. He knows how it feels to starve from first hand experience, therefore he will never refuse someone a meal. He has a strong sense of chivalry, because of which, he will never harm a woman, even if he dies. Sanji also seems to keep this code regardless of a woman's appearance. His dream is to find the All Blue, a legendary sea, containing every kind of fish in the world. Sanji is one of the most popular One Piece characters, as he ranked third in a recent Japanese fan poll. Sanji is also a very skilled fighter who uses only kicks. He said that this is because a chef's hands are his most prized possessions and should not be risked in battle. He was trained by the once infamous pirate and chef "Red Foot" Zeff, who had been to the Grand Line himself. His fighting style's name is taken from the alias of "Red Foot" Zeff, Sanji's mentor and developer of the style. Sanji's most powerful ability is Diable Jambe, which involves rotating at high speeds, heating his leg via friction until it glows red-hot. This powerful ability enhances his kick and literally burns his opponent when it connects. The more Sanji uses his kick, the more his legs are damaged, but the legs would heal after time.




Tony Tony Chopper

Tony Tony Chopper is the crew's 15-year-old doctor and the fifth to join. He is a blue-nosed reindeer, who gained human properties by eating the Human-Human Fruit. He is capable of conversing with humans and animals alike. He is very naive and has a tendency to believe anything told to him. And he is incapable of hiding his feelings. His dream is to create a cure for all the world's diseases.

Chopper is a zoan-type devil fruit user. His first form, the original form, is that of a blue nosed reindeer. His second form, Were-form, is quite similar in proportions to that of a human child, but has antlers and hooves among other things. The third form, the beast form, gives him a werehuman-like appearance, giving him great mass, strength and height. It is the most human form he can assume, as it leaves him with only a reindeer-like face and body fur to distinguish him from real human beings. In addition to his normal transformations, Chopper developed a drug he calls Rumble Ball, which allows him to transform into four additional transformations to use over a three minute period. These forms focus on certain aspects of his body to improve his physical abilities. These are broken down into "points" in the Japanese version and "boost" in the English versions called: guard, horn, jumping, and arm point with the original three becoming walk, brain, and heavy point. If Chopper uses a second Rumble Ball within six hours, he can't control his transformations; if Chopper uses a third Rumble Ball within six hours of the first, he transforms into a monstrous version of himself and loses all self-control.  







Nico Robin

Nico Robin is the crew's 28 year old archaeologist and the sixth to join. She is extremely intelligent, having taught herself archaeology and to decipher the extremely difficult Poneglyph language at a very young age. Her dream is to find and decipher the Rio Poneglyph, an ancient stone telling a long lost part of history(the Void Century), which is considered a crime against the World Government. Robin values ancient artifacts and buildings, and she will risk her life to protect them. She has vast knowledge of the world of One Piece, and usually keeps her head during surprising situations, allowing her to logically analyze them without losing her cool. 

Robin was raised on the island Ohara with her Uncle's family after her mother, Nico Olvia, leaves the island to study the lost history of the world. Her abilities cause most of the other residents of the island to call her a demon, though she is welcomed by her mother's colleagues. She eventually meets Jaguar D. Saul, a giant vice admiral who defects from the marines becoming her first real friend. Soon after, her mother returns with the marines close behind her, and the island and its inhabitants are bombarded and slaughtered. Aokiji, a close friend of Saul, kills Saul for his defecting, and decides to spare Robin and monitor her closely, though she has a high bounty placed on her head because of her knowledge. She eventually works with various pirates in order to survive, including joining with Sir Crocodile as "Miss All Sunday" until he is defeated by Straw Hat Luffy. She then decides that since Luffy saved her life and she has nowhere else to go she joins the crew. After many adventures with the crew, Robin grows a strong feeling for them especially after the events of Enies Lobby.

Robin has the abilities of the Flower-Flower Fruit, allowing her to create copies of any of her body parts on any solid surface that she can see, such as her own body, on the bodies of others, on objects, or even the replicated limbs themselves. In battle, she most often employs grappling techniques to incapacitate her foe; by replicating her limbs on their body, she eliminates the need for close range combat. The most often employed techniques thus far are using her hands to hold the foes limbs together or in place, or in a more cruel attack, spawning multiple limbs from the opponents body and bending their spinal columns till breakage. On Thriller Bark island, she reveals that she is able to replicate her arms into a pattern resembling wings, which allow her to fly for up to five seconds. If Robin's replicated body parts are damaged in some way, she feels the pain on her actual body.



 FranK, originally known as Cutty Flam and wanted by the World Government as "Cyborg" Franky is the seventh person to join the Straw Hat Pirates. After his pirate parents abandoned him at the age of ten, he became an apprentice of the master shipwright Tom. When eventually Tom was taken away as a criminal by the government for building Gold Roger's ship, Franky felt responsible and tried to stop them. In the attempt, he was severely injured and, in order to survive, had to exchange parts of his body with replacements made of scrap metal, turning himself into a cola-powered cyborg. Franky's thus gained artificial body grants him super-human strength. His front is heavily armored and insensitive to most attacks, while his back, where he could not reach, remains vulnerable. His body is equipped with a wide varitey of weapons, including several guns and an extendable right arm. His stomach contains a refrigerator compartment that can hold up to three bottles of cola to fuel him and his attacks. He can use up large amounts of cola in an instant to launch a powerful bursts of air from his arms. By building the Straw Hats' second ship, Thousand Sunny, a brigantine-rigged sloop-of-war, he fulfills the first half of his dream. By joining the crew, he pursues the second half, of sailing the Sunny around the world.  




Brook is the eighth person to join the Straw Hat Pirates. He is a living skeleton and a musician, resurrected by means of the Revive-Revive Fruit , a paramecia-type devil fruit which grants its eater a second life. Brook is an excellent musician, who claims being able to play any instrument, and a skilled fencer, who uses a shikomizue, a Japanese cane sword, in battle. Brook's lightweight skeleton body allows him to jump extraordinarily high and to run across water. His gentlemanly way of dressing, speaking, and behaving is contrasted by very bad manners. He commonly asks women to show him their panties. Drinking milk heals him. When Brook's former crew, the Rumbar Pirates, entered the Grand Line, they left their pet whale Laboon behind at Reverse Mountain, promising to return after sailing around the world. Fifty years later, Brook, being the only survivor, considers it his duty to fulfill his former crew's promise.