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Welcome to my Onepiece fansite! I made this site because I haven't, in my entire life, come accross anything quite as enjoyable as this series. I made this site for you and me! Whether it's the manga or the anime, you/we as spectators, are given a treat as we ride the waves with Luffy and his crew on their way to find Onepiece!

Be sure to check out my blog. I'll try and keep it filled with my take and favorite scenes and stuff. And also my Daily Clips section for my favorite fight, funny scenes and special moments. Feel free to sign up and join if you want to be part of the crew and conversation!




I'm always running into people who tell me that they won't watch Onepiece because the don't watch 'cartoons'. Number one, these are not mere cartoons - this is anime. One thing that people fail to realize that the culture of manga and anime is primarily for adults. That aside, no matter what you may like and enjoy, there is a manga or anime for you. Whether it is basketball, romance, space, martial arts, what ever - there is something for you. 


Now back to my Onepiece. This is the challenge that has made believers. I had proposed to several individuals to honestly take up my challenge, which is: watch at lease 10 episodes, and see if you don't get hooked! That's it! That's the challenge. I put it to anybody; my faith in Onepiece is that tight. It really only takes 2 o3, but give it at least ten, and see what happens!